Landscape Architecture & Design

Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Your Home

  • Simple to formal landscapes
  • Theme landscapes
  • Large tree plantings
  • Foundation plantings
  • Drainage solutions

At Seal Landscaping, our goal is to help you create an outdoor living environment that reflects your style, interests, and leisurely pursuits. An appealing landscape enhances your outdoor living experience and substantially increases the value of your home. We provide exceptional design expertise for a wide scope of residential projects, whether you’re planning a small-scale yard enhancement or a large-scale luxury home renovation.

We can help you turn your ideas into unique and time-honored landscape designs. Our consultations begin with a comprehensive profile of your desires and expectations. We treat each customer with a personal touch, and you’ll get to collaborate with our professional design staff, which includes licensed landscape architects and expert horticulturalists.

Landscape Design Process

Our four-part design process ensures that you receive the results you want:

  1. Site analysis

    We survey your property to expertly collect field data on existing structures, elevations, plant material, walkways, and paving.

  2. Conceptual design

    We creatively develop and refine landscape areas based on your expectations and preferences.

  3. Master plan

    We professionally execute landscape drawings and plans for all components of the design project.

  4. Cost estimation

    We provide a comprehensive, detailed proposal, which is broken into phases, along with budgetary considerations.

The Best Plants for Your Garden

Landscape designs incorporate a variety of plants, including mature specimens that offer a variety of color and texture. We can recommend the most appropriate plants to produce a beautiful, durable garden for your home.

  • Endless possibilities

    We have long-standing relationships with top growers throughout the United States. This enables us to provide endless possibilities for your garden.

  • Large-scale options

    We have the equipment capabilities to install mature trees and shrubs on a large scale.

  • Quality guaranteed

    Seal Landscaping guarantees the quality of the plants that are integrated into your design. We use only the finest bed preparation and planting methods.

Landscape Design with Seal Landscaping

We have been serving home owners in the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area since 1986, and we are committed to every customer’s complete satisfaction. We look forward to helping you design a beautiful landscape for your home. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.